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In this time where media and technology are at the forefront of business, it is important to understand how this affects your brand. Through her services, Dr. Jerri Lynn Hogg helps her clients navigate the complexities of the digital age. Whether you require a media psychology consultant or a speaker on the topic, turn to Dr. Hogg for assistance.


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Throughout her career, Dr. Hogg has been recognized as an expert speaker on media psychology. She has performed over 50 scholarly presentations on the topic and is a pioneer in the field. By having her speak at your conference, school, or business, she can expand on how media and technology influence human psychology.


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Recognizing the effects of media on the minds of the public can help you excel in your industry. With technology becoming more intertwined with daily life, understanding the effects on human behavior can be a great advantage for your business or institution. Dr. Hogg can help you apply these concepts to your business model to encourage productivity and profitability.

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From business consulting to public speaking, Dr. Hogg educates others in the complexities of cutting-edge tech and their cognitive and emotional impact. Contact her for more information today.

Dr. Jerri Lynn Hogg is available to reporters for comments on the psychological impact of media and technology. [email protected]